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Girls of a Sullivan's Summer

Summer in the South. If I could put the feelings of summer in a bottle, this would be it. With four beautiful girls, in their annual special spot on Sullivan's Island. I first shot the Colbath's Sullivan summer (or summering if we are verbing it!) back in 2015 – a picturesque cottage with books abound, a plethora of art supplies, cards, hammocks, dogs and this year....skateboards in each appropriate size (wait for it). What I love most is that this was probably not unlike the scene from 50+ years ago, when outdoor play in the salty air was late into the night. Baths were taken in the ocean, and kiddos may not have brushed their hair for a week. I like to think it will never change, and I am so grateful to Molly & Greg for giving me the most amazing subjects to work with – and the joy of watching them continue to grow into amazing young ladies. A little glimpse of now, and then. Happy last few weeks of summer y'all, soak it up. xoxo

SCENES FROM 2015 // Almost three years to the day apart...

FOOTNOTE/ALBUM TIP ALERT for all of you (my clients or not) that have such a hard time making any choices on what to print, put in a album or on the walls – let me be the bad guy! It's basically impossible to choose when it's your own, but for me I go for pieces that tell the whole story. Not selecting all of the shots where everyone is smiling but the ones in between. That's the good stuff. Artifact Uprising has some great options for books that make it really easy/user friendly – below is the Layflat 10.5x10.5 option in Gunmetal with the copper embossing. Next time you have your fam shot, don't sit on it. Do it and do it fast (or have your photographer do it for you!), otherwise you won't do it at all. #Longliveprint xoxoox