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Several years ago I found myself overwhelmed with my personal photos. I had them on laptops, desktops, phones, my husband's phone, discs, jump name it. It was out of control. And I knew if I was having this much trouble–someone who knows better AND how to manage photos–then I could only imagine how everyone else must feel. 

So I asked around. I sent out a Photo Organization survey to over 100 people, with an enormous response that verified we are all in the same boat: we are all overwhelmed with our photos, and it's only getting worse. Our clouds/phones tell us to "increase your storage, increase your storage!" when actually we just need to be better about "managing" our storage. Photos are the clutter no one else has to see. We hoard them and let them get out of control and guess what, no one is going to call you out on it. But they need purging and maintenance upkeep just like everything else. Just think, if you did regular photo dumps, backed up properly and did albums (like real ones) then you wouldn't need to keep INCREASING your storage.

But as a mother of three children, I get it. NO time. 

I finally stopped, and took the time. When my first child was born, I lost my mother to a very short battle with cancer and the albums she did for us as children are the greatest gift that I own. She wrote funny things we did, we said. These albums are the closest things I have to know what her early years as a mother were like. And I want my children to have that, and their children–not to just remember us by looking at Facebook, or Instagram. 

I will be honest, it took me a LONG time to get caught up but I realized along the way that I love doing this. I love documenting life. My background in advertising was finally merging with my love of taking photos. One of my first clients that I finished a book for said, "You made my life look like I want to remember it, I cannot believe these are my photos."

In 2013, I started working with several photography clients on organizing their personal photo libraries. What started out with helping a few that needed to catch up on organizing, quickly turned into a full service photo management service, Photo Org.

Whether you have years of digital photos backed up, or boxes of prints you aren't sure what to do with–Photo Org will work with you to consolidate, document into albums/books and implement a back up plan in place. We work with you on a monthly basis–similar to any other monthly maintenance service–with the goal that you never get backed up again.

Services range from photo organization and editing, scanning/digitizing hard copies, book design, photo printing, gallery wall consultation, etc. Please contact Ashley at for rates/quotes based on your specific needs.