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a b o u t. 

A wife, a mother and a photographer, I grew up in Montgomery, Alabama and now live in Charleston, South Carolina. I fell in love with photography when I took my first darkroom class during my study abroad in Tasmania, Australia. I would spend hours and hours in the darkroom (I still curse the digital age for taking that away!), and knew in some way, photography would always be a “hobby” of mine. 

After graduating from College of Charleston with a degree in Arts Management and a minor in Art History, I moved to Italy to nanny for an Italian family in Rome. My secret agenda: spend weekends off traveling and photographing as much as I could. From Italy to England for a bit, then back to Charleston, then Atlanta–I finally landed in NYC for what was supposed to be a brief "stint" in the city for an intensive summer study in Photography at Parsons School of Design. 

But as most do, I fell in love with the city and that stint turned into years. I spent my first several working in client relations for Soho based ad agency, Arnell Group, and was lucky enough to work under the most talented people on one of the best brands: Reebok. From Jay-Z to Andy Roddick, Shakira and Venus Williams, they represented some of the most amazing athletes and entertainers. From scheduling shoots, to managing talent and creative direction–I was allowed to build a foundation in brand development and secretly continue to feed the photography passion along the way.

I stuck with sports marketing for the next several years but moved over to the client side joining the NBA in their marketing partnerships department. After about a year a new opportunity came my way, one of another type. I packed up and left the city for a fella–my big brother’s best friend from college. To Alaska. Now Anchorage based, I was fortunate enough to join another great agency, Bradley Reid + Associates, managing accounts for AT&T and The Denver Post. 

After a few years (and some COLD winters) we moved back to the south, back to Charleston. I spent my first few years back working in special events and development for Historic Charleston Foundation, a preservation organization that I feel is truly responsible for keeping Charleston the architectural gem that it still is today.

Then came my most rewarding job to date. In 2009, I became a mother. At the same time I lost my own mother to a very short battle with pancreatic cancer. Among so many other things, she taught me most importantly that life is incredibly short and given the chance–do what you love, and do it joyfully.

I am now a mother to three, still blessed to be with my Captain Alaska, and the rest of the time – I'm documenting. Be it photographing, gallery wall designing, or organizing clients' photo libraries–one client at a time hoping that the printed era is not forgotten. For more details on Photo Org, see below!

xo Ashley



photo: Roland Adams

photo: Roland Adams