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true beauty of wadmalaw

Spent what was a picturesque Lowcountry day with the Cogswells. True beauty all of it, their love of family and being together doing what they love most. Photo sessions are generally hectic, they can't help but be by nature of what they are. But when it's real and it flows and no one's on a clock, nothing's hectic at all. We finished up for the most part, and I tagged along for a little 'bonus'  ride to the barn on my way out. That was the best part. xxoo

What's next?!

It's hard to believe almost 8 years ago this was the scene at 51 George Street. Painting bathrooms, hanging photos, I remember it like it was yesterday. Margaret and I had moved back to our college town with our husbands and we couldn't believe the luck of being back together again. We were roommates in college, graduated together, lived in NYC together–I left for Alaska–and then a few years later timing jived and we were back in our favorite city. We had always talked about "what if?" What if we did end up back in Charleston and hopefully, one day were blessed enough to raise our families here? 

Another "what if" that was frequently talked about, what if we could figure out a way to work together one day? Combining our agency backgrounds and artistic passion, mine photography and hers graphic design. We both had been lucky/crazy enough to work for the same agency, NYC based Arnell Group, though at different times and on different accounts. We had an appreciation for the left brain business and the right brain creative, and the importance of them flourishing together.

Now, almost 16 years after we graduated from CofC, all of those 'what ifs' seem to be becoming realities. We are mothers (5 little people between us!), we are business owners, we are women who are in love with the community that we are fortunate enough to call home. And that last what if, it's happening now too.

This coming Monday, I am super excited and honored to be joining the team at Caviar & Bananas as their Director of Marketing–as they continue their growth in Charleston and beyond. Photography and documenting life will always be a part of who I am and what I do. I will continue to keep it as my passion and work with people to ensure that photographs stay a tangible part of this world, even if one small step at a time. 

But for now, I couldn't be doing more of what I love for the people + a brand that I love.

I can't thank you all for your love and support through this journey and my next.  xoxo, ashley



And a WAY BACK WHEN. With a big thanks to CofC for bringing us together all those years ago! xoxo